Computer Rage II on DVD



College Park, Maryland - August 11, 2004 - The Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes (LAPDP) at the University of Maryland announces the release of its second video: Computer Rage II described as a “how-to-vent video.”


With computer user frustration at an all-time high, with tempers flaring in the work place, and with violence everywhere, especially in video games, rage against technology is the obvious outcome.  Computer Rage II” is the answer to the question, “How?”


The LAPDP has been tracking the incidence of computer rage for several years with an online survey at  The results are startling to the public and alarming to information technology workers responsible for the safety of computer equipment.


But rather than find ways to suppress rage against computers, Dr. Kent L. Norman, lead scientist at the LAPDP, claims that users should find appropriate, economical, and safe methods of taking their out frustration on computers. 


“We have set up a Website to promote proper venting and instruct frustrated users on how to get back safely.  You can even vent vicariously by watching me take a blow torch to a mouse,” claims Dr. Norman.


“Computer Rage II”, the sequel to “Computer Rage I”, extends the carnage to other frustrating devices:  digital cameras, video cameras, PDA’s, printers, and CD-ROMS and their drives using high powered tools such as a chain saw, a radial saw, and a baseball bat.


“Computer Rage II”, like its prequel, “Computer Rage I”, is available on DVD ($35 each (no S&H charge), make checks payable to the "University of Maryland") or you can view the videos in QuickTime at the LAPDP website:


Parts of “Computer Rage I and II” will be featured in a documentary on computer rage produced by the German scientific TV- magazine Planetopia to aired on German television later this summer.


Interview Contact:  Dr. Kent L. Norman

Telephone: 301 405-5924


Address: Department of Psychology

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742-4411