Computer Rage: Reported Acts of Rage Against Computers

The following are partially edited comments by respondents to the Computer Rage Survey of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. © 2005 LAPDP

Well, I have hit the computer with my sort of hurt so I wouldn't recommend it..

I name my computers, and I use their names pretty much only when I'm mad at them. When my old computer, Charles, use to be bad..I'd yell, but then I tried giving him hugs instead..

... I once killed a phone. That's not exactly a computer, but it did have computer parts. I like to microwave CDs.

I scream at my computer because I know that it hears me and is laughing at me.

poured gasoline on a computer and set fire to it

Pull the plug instead of going through shutdown or report this error to Microsoft.

I tend to bang on the keyboard harder when I get frustrated but not to the point of breaking it. I don't curse at the computer but do say harsh words to it occasionally.

I take frustration out by yelling foobar outloud as i don't want to damage expensive hardware. I also tell everyone around me how evil my computer/ the technology was.

I've never hit a computer screen hard enough to break it, but this week I hit my car windshield and cracked it. Maybe I should find a road rage survey.

i am usually slamming my table instead of my computer - as i know it will not solve my problems when slamming my computer, but i am seriously cursing at the computer in such cases

I often show my PC the middle finger!

I shot my PC once... It had crossed the line before and that was the only possible answer!

Flying CPU: Struck mid-size tower with car going 25mph, propelling it 15-20 feet forward: Note this causes damage to car but troublesome DVD drive finally ejected jammed disc upon contact with pavement. Afterlife: yes, but HDD reported errors, and case wasn't attractive. Sold on eBay (with new case and HDD), 1.6 GHz CPU & blue case - beware of this description if you find it on eBay. Rainy-day CRT: Buy long extension cables, place monitor outside during downpour with power on & connected to computer. Funny images appear on screen but doesn't last long. Internal fuse? Afterlife: not sure, too afraid to plug it in, but may eventally work if the water ever dries up. Hot bubblejet: Made ink really bubble by placing printer on campfire while printing documents from laptop. Suggestion: Buy Epson because of high heat-resistance. Afterlife: worked for 20 minutes while cooking, then warning popped up on screen saying ink was too low to print. Ink replaced - no success. Mouseskates: 2 ball-mice, 1 placed under each foot. Really economical form of transportation. Tie cords around ankles to prevent mice from flying away. Afterlife: yes - assuming cords are still in place; and user is relatively light

I sometimes put my Hands around my monitor's "neck"

Setting a working Sun Enterprise E3500 on fire is A LOT OF FUN!!!! Shaking a working harddiskdrive with an operating and open oracleDB until headcrash makes a very nice smile, that lasts about 3 days.

Punched the computer hard enough to leave a dent...

Other than the verbal abuse listed in the Behavoirs check boxes, all physical aggression towards computer equipment was perpetrated on obsolete equipment. The equipment was considered worthless by the company I worked for and was headed for the dumpster, so I took out my aggressions on all of it (about 10 computer monitors and 30 computers). The destruction of such items was fun and a good way to vent pent up aggression, but was in no way fueled by irritation or frustation with using computers. It was just a way to "blow off steam", in general.

The first three items under section 3 I did sort of for fun/had to. I multilated a computer disk and cdrom because it had sensitive data and didnt want anyone to get to it. As for poping keys off the keybard wanted to clean what was under the keys.

Breaking the tray's off of CD rom drives, slamming keyboards (with your fists) hard enough to pop most of the keys off (lost the 'A' key and the top row of characters stopped working) - ended up having to buy a new keyboard. Throwing keyboards into the swimming pool (kinda nice watching it sink, and they joy is after it dries out it carries on working. During a coding project at university we actually used old equipment to take out our frustrations without damanging any of the working stuff. The main item was the keyboard mentioned above (okay, it wasn't old/obsolete when we started, but after buying a new keyboard the next day it did get really abused). Find that it is a very good stress release to: a) punch a keyboard hard enough to pop keys off. There's something very very funny about watching 30 keys bounce high into the air all at once. Cant be angry after that, except when you find that now your keyboard doesn't work anymore! grrrr.... b) kick a keyboard around c) generally abuse the keyboard. I think its because for me the monitor is an output device (plus its also quite expensive to replace). The keyboard on the other hand is an input device - its how i talk to the computer and its how i show the computer how i feel. Plus they're a dollar a dozen (okay, not really, but comparatively cheap compared to the other components of a computer). Oh yeah, also kicked a computer case hard enough to make the front pop off. Probably not a good idea what with all the hard drives and everything inside, but although the motherboard died a year or so ago, the drives are all still in use and are going fine.

Microwaved a C, Poured water on keyboard, Throw keyboard in toilet, and defecated on it

I'll admit it, I'm always swearing at my computer.

I have a suggestion for taking out one's frustrations that can help a little. Discarding old computer parts is scary because of identity theft so I saved the board and tossed the outer parts. Smashing boards and plastic bits with a hammer is quite satisfying. Stomping on things that make a nice "CRUNCH" noise is satisfying.

Have yelled at the computer but have not cursed it. It is unladylike to curse. Computer is too expensive to push it off the table or slam the keyboard or otherwise damage it or the mouse. Drumming on the return key is not productive, but is therapeutic, when the computer locks up. The blue screen of death--I just shut the computer off in frustration and wonder why I bother. Unhelpful tech support people, or tech support you have to pay for only adds to the fire.

have routinely fried motherboards with 120V AC current.

I once shot a computer with a .50 cal BMG sniper rifle.

Most frustrating computer related items are the newer "computer like" office equipment and home equipment. Computers I can handle, but programmable faxes? copiers? my DVD player? the microwave??? I have taken 4 older/broken/unusable items out back and, to relieve the tension, shot them. Most satisfying.

I took great pleasure throwing an old monitor into a dumpster hard enough to smash it completely.

I only intentionally scratch and bend AOL CD ROM's. No other CD's. Thank you AOL for providing damageable products.

My girlfriend was so frustrated with a crashed hard drive that I took her out to the shooting range and let her put a rifle bullet through it at a hundred yards. "Dance, you *******!"

A great way to get revenge on bad hard drives (or CD-ROM drives, etc.) is to put them in a vice and hit them with a big hammer until they have a 45 degree angle to them. Then see if they work any better. Also broken tape drives have lots of little parts (think miniature VCR) that go flying when thrown at a concrete floor.

Soak motherboard in gasoline and light a match...

placing a cd/dvd-rom in the microwave for 2-3secs is really cool and a good way to destroy the media.

i have bent my keyboard. i when i had my old crt monitor, i used to hit it pretty often. nowdays i dont hit my monitor beacause it is an tft monitor and pretty fragile. i also like to hit my dest or a wall when i get angry so my computer won't take all the damage.

I often just squeeze my mouse real hard when I'm angry at something on the computer. Then when I'm more angry, I start smashing it on the table. And when I'm even more angry, computer gets a kick on the side :)

My friend and I found an abandoned monitor, took to a nearby forest, kicked it and threw it about. The glass broke into pieces and the contents were all over the place. When done, we collected the rubbish and took it where we originally found the thing.

I don't often get physical when I'm angry, I've slammed my keyboard a few times but haven't caused any permanent damage.,,

I have smashed 3 keyboards broken with bare fists caused by pure hatred against the Microsoft Windows.

...The first (and only) time I broke my mouse while raged was a big lesson to me. In the end the money for a new mouse came from my wallet. I still hate myself doing it. At that moment I was playing a familiat PC game (alone) from which I had years of experience and I made 'newbie' mistake. Nowadays I just mainly curse aloud or hit something else than fragile, modern and expensive equipment (never kick anything though... don't know why). Edit: I am a nordic. We don't wear shoes inside our homes (much like Japanese?) So kicking anything hurts like **** if not done properly.. haha. I tend to get raged pretty easily anyway, it's not just computers. But I can handle my aggression pretty well, at least I think I can (given the times I have controlled my rage vs. the number of outbursts). I'm not a strong guy so physical violence is rarely an option to me (has never been). Recently I worked in an office environment which had computers which operating systems were NOT Windows AND which software hadn't been updated in several years. I went through quite a bit of frustration there even though there were some similarities between Windows and that unnamed operating system. I constantly cursed aloud (some REALLY bad words) and I think my colleague is still scared of me for that. It was a small room which had 2 workstations and the colleague was a female. It must've not been easy for her since she had very limited experience in computers and I've had several years of experience only in Windows', not to mention the added underlying frustration in me since I had to help her out ... I spent 2 hours writing this so when I click the 'submit' button on the lower left corner of this webpage and if something goes wrong and this doesn't get sent, I will probably kill a motherboard or at least batter something electronic...

I've bend disks and scratched CD's because they were already broken = for fun. I've slammed a mouse because that too was already broken..

most of my frustrations happened before i bought my own computer, after that i have learned so much of them that a little crash or something similar doesnt bother me much. But I still curse them sometimes, expecially slower computers...

Piss on a computer!

When i get frustrated with a computer-problem or a social problem, I usually hit the computer desk and the monitor with my stronger hand fist! The magnet-field or something is all screwed up nowdays

swearing at the comp is extremely normal for me, i swear quite alot anyways so obivously on every smallest misunderstanding between me and my comp cause a curse, but i only swear loud if very frustrated. racing type games make me angry very easily if they are too hard, other games just cause a little frustration sometimes if too hard. computer crashing all of a sudden without any noticable reason is quite irritating most of the times (though that doesn't occur very often to me)

Oh.. Of course when i get angry i hack to schools computer and destroy them not mines ;)

I've also destroyed a computer hard drive by opening it and scratching it because it had not worked properly, even though it was only a couple of months old.

coffee in the keyboard, with sugar works best.

Waqze took 3 problem computers and 2 very problematic printers out to the firing range. We successfully turned each piece of equipment into swiss cheese. We pumped over 1000 rounds of .223, 9mm,.45, and 7.62x39 into them. We also used a .50 to start things off. The printers were by far the most enjoyable to shoot because when the bullet would rip through the drum unit and the fuser, it was create a nice visual. We did end up getting it to start on fire, the we put the fire out with more bullets. For the 4 of us, it was 1 year of frustration coming out. It felt good.

i find throwing the mouse at a soft object/mat helps or the same thing with a pen.

I took a cheap crappy compaq one time (the one with the thin cheap tin japanese origami case) and hit it with a sledgehammer becuase the hard disk controller on the motherboard was bad. I felt much better. I took a broken soyo motherboard one time and hit it on the concrete repeatedly.

When typing errors, violently bashing full-handed on the keyboard - causing more errors - and then deleting the entire document.

Under Section 3 I have infact removed keys from the key board, but only as an act of utility (the left windows meta key, to prevent my game from minimizing in the middle of something) and as far as cursing I'm just superstitious in as much as I think that if I threaten the computer it will play nice. (and it does seem to work.)...

Shot a 19inch monitor with a 12gauge shotgun. Then with a .22, then hit it with a hammer.

smashed the tray that pulls out with my keyboard on after having trouble with a linux install

One time I took a linksys router out to my driveway, smashed it open with a hammer, covered (soaked) the inside with WD-40, and lit the sucker on fire. It burned for quite a while. I took pictures and sent them to linksys and told them how angry I was that their tech support wouldn't give me answers. Also, when working in tech repair, I set up a garbage can, and began smashing keyboards over the edge of the garbage can. Keys splattered everywhere. Probably did this to about 3 or 4 keyboards (they were getting old anyways).

I once was so frustrated that my laptop was going so slow i threw it into a fryer when i was a manager of a resturant, it melted all the parts, and we had to replace the fryer.

I own a laptop, and so it would be very easy for me to destroy it in a fit of anger. I have had to work on my rage. Most of my real acts of rage have been against my work winboxes, rather than my home mac laptops. I have done more damage previous to last year than in the last year. However, I still become enraged at my machine frequently, I just have better means of handling the issue now. While I have popped keys off of my keyboard, that has been to prevent OOPSCAPSLOCK and other problems of that type, rather than as an angry fit against the keyboard itself.

I would grab my speakers and smah them on the walls when, while watching a movie, i kept on getting Instant Messaged(ON ICQ) and the audio notification was veeeeeery annoying(I hate ICQ's audio notification).

Taking a hockey stick to an old monitor is VERY SATISFYING.

...After I kicked my computer once as a kid and lost a hard-drive, I refrain to pounding the desk and using expletives. Lately though I threw a CD against a wall because the computer froze like 3 times in 10 minutes, requiring a hard reboot each time, due to the video card problem I mentioned above. Being a college student though, I don't damage anything that might cost more than $20.

when i was an undergrad, we collected about 15 old, mostly nonfunctional monitors, and made a big list of creative and impressive ways to destroy them. we got a lot on video, including using various firearms and explosives, rolling a bowling ball down a hallway into a monitor and dropping one off a 5-story building (be careful with this one!). one of the more interesting ones was when we convinced some construction workers to use the front-end loader of their bobcat!

My windows 2000 computer would freeze up sometimes when it goes to a web page that has a video or if i try to play a video with windows media player 9. Even the 3 finger salute doesn't work. I end up pounding my fist on the keyboard and cursing at it and then rebooting using the reboot button on the computer. I've since installed real player.

Hitting a key repeatedly because the computer did not respond to my command due to lag during a game.

... As a kid, AOL's busy signals so incensed me that I mightily heaved my mouse into the surface of my desk, promptly robbing it of its clicking ability. Microsoft ANYTHING fills me with a righteous indignation that has yielded CD-R casualties. You forgot to mention in this survey, though, the most evil of all computer hardware: Printers. Printers are the most loathesome digital creatures in recent history. Jamming, uneven images, ugly color, inexpicable fits of sundry uselessness. Many printers in the last decade have earned my wrath and not one of these incompetent contraptions survived once they crossed me.

I tried to smash a non-working 210mb hard drive out of my packard bell 486 computer with a 3lb sledge hammer. unfortunetly I was trying to break the hard drive on cement blocks (commonly called cinder blocks) and by the time I had the hard drive damaged enough to be satisfied, I had broken a whole wheel-barrow load full of cement blocks

never actually broken a monitor or mouse, but I punched my monitor really hard once. And I smash my mouse quite a lot. Usually by slamming it down on the desk, but sometimes I pound it with my fist. Another favorite is to pound my fist on the desk so hard the house shakes. I'm convinced I've almost broken the desk doing that. I am also a Graphic Designer, which means i work on the computer almost all day and I rely on it to get my work done.

Slammed my fist on the keyboard

It is quite fun shooting hard drives

Removed a faulty hard drive and smashed it against a brick wall.

I've never hit the keyboard, mouse, or monitor hard enough to break it (i can't afford to replace them) but I do slam my hands down on the keyboard or type very hard, slam the mouse down, smack the monitor, and kick the case when I get really frustrated. It usually makes me feel a little better :)

Planning to compete in the hard disk throwing competitions...

I used a few cat5 cables as a lasso.

Slammed a computer monitor hard enough into a desk that I broke the desk before I broke the monitor.

been waking moral trips with the computer, at a lan party. it worked for 15 minutes... but then again it stopped. At last i found it very effiecent to smash it in to a tree. Never had problems since.

My girlfriend loves to smash my mouse on the table when something is taking too long. Note - I've done some of the activities in section 3 not out of anger but out of curiosity. Who hasn't torn open a computer disk?

I ruin computer desks and chairs in venting out rage. Throwing computer mice around also helps... Sometimes I headbutt the monitor screen. On occasion I will repeatedly turn off and on components because they are malfunctioning (doesn't really solve the problem does it!).

Once got concussion from slamming head on monitor.

I've made a movie smashing a Mac Classic. I drew a little face on it. I'm very computer savvy and it annoys me when a computer does strange things without provocation or without any logical solution.

all that violence I made reference to was for fun (i.e. just destroying something for the sake of destroying something) or because we had an old monitor laying around (we threw it off our deck and then threw a cinder block at it -- college!)

I did not check "intentionally ripped out a computer cable damaging the plugs," though I got frustrated once and tore a phone cord out of my modem, leaving the modular jack behind. It wasn't deliberate though. I checked "kicked a computer hard enough to break it or leave a dent," but I was punching it, not kicking it. I've stomped on computer parts before though (motherboard, keyboards, a very frustrating USB mouse). I've destroyed hard drives with hammers, screwdrivers and pliers. I once stabbed a 3.5" floppy drive (still inside the computer, while the computer was on) with a screwdriver. I once systematically tore every resistor, capacitor, crystal, and ROM off a modem that wouldn't work. I've thrown just about every piece of hardware imaginable onto the floor, across the room, or against the wall. I'm quite religious about salvaging usable parts however, and I'll save screws, jumpers, spacers, mounting brackets, and anything else that I may need later on.

I work with computers nearly every waking moment, so that 7+ hours/week category is an extreme understatement. It would be more accurate to say 12+ hours/day (84+ hours/week) for me, and all of that is online. I have several friends that spend similar amounts of time online. As for violence, I've found myself hitting the CPU rather than the keyboard/mouse, since I know it's not the keyboard's fault. On the other hand, I'm usually more violent towards the keyboard/mouse since I know they're cheaper to replace. I'd never hit a laptop. Oh, and popping keys off the keyboard was just to clean them (soap and water). Scratching (more like shattering) the CD-ROM disk was an amusing way to dispose of AOL free trials. So those two shouldn't be held against me. Mutilating floppies is a more questionable one. I justify it by telling myself I want to ensure I don't waste my time on a "bad" floppy again, but there is some satisfaction to crushing it also.

I mostly contain fits of rage, and periodically use a sledge hammer out in the back on peices of equipment that are already broken or totally obselete. I learned that from a potter friend of mine that would keep his messed-up pots around instead of smashing them in a fit. When he'd collected a few dozen, he gathered them up and threw them at a brick wall he'd built just for this activity. I thought it was strange, but then realized how liberating and therapudic controlled release of anger toward tachnology can be. Though, truth be told, a few of the peices awaiting the hammer in the basement worked adequately before I had a 'Bad Day'; and my keyboard sometimes recieves abuse when a computer won't boot. "How frustrating is it when a computer won't boot" would be a good 9 for me. Great survey.

I've broken a bunch of keyboards by throwing them across the room. I'm not very nice to my PS2 either. Then again, my PC and PS2 aren't very nice to me either.

stiking a paperclip into the CPU fan (loads of fun)

threw computers and monitors across a room into a van

When I get pissed, I usually just punch my knees.

I am a computer "expert". I know it's not the computer's fault. I'm mostly mad at the designers. Damaging the tool means I can't work. So I curse at the companies who make shoddy products instead. I killed the discs so that other people wouldn't get them not because the !@#$% software wouldn't install. Or because I was mad at AOL for sending them to me.

Threw, jumped on, stamped on, smashed, and bashed a cordless phone because I got sick of being paged and hearing it's horrendously erritating sound.

I slam my fists down enough on my two computers that I've learned to buy the extended warranty on the keyboard so I can get a new one for free. I go through around 8 keyboards a year. Also, on my laptop, I've learned to backup all of my information regularly because the hard drive is directly where I slam my right hand down on it. I've gone through 3 hard drives since getting it last July. I only get really angry when having to wait or when they crash. I'm a systems analyst so those are the only things that annoy me.....other people's mistakes.

My general 'fix-all' solution to a computer system is to bang it on the side a few times when my other approaches have failed.

Probably the most vicious I've been to a computer was in disposing of an old, rickety machine that had been nothing but trouble while helping clean out a friend's apartment. I hauled the computer out into the parking lot and repeatedly swung it into the pavement, then finally tossed it over the ~20' wall to the street below. I noticed that the processor (a 486) had shattered in the parking lot, and saved a chunk of it. It was really rather pretty, what with the traces and all. In addition, I found it quite useful when I had to deal with other recalcitrant computers; I would hold it up and say "See, I could do this to you! Now work! ..."

i'm not too upset with MY computer, but those i've been forced work with at work are abselutely crap. You see, i used to work tech support as a student in highschool. We got all our computer donated, so i and a few other tech-savy students had to rebuild them, get them working and scrap the rest. Of course, the only reason these things were donated was because they were so out of date, they literally couldn't be used at all...but we just made the best with what we had. Though i have thoroughly thrashed and trashed many a computer, never was it out of rage on any specific thing or problem, it was simply all for good fun. i mean, how ELSE were we do get rid of so many scrap parts!? We torched them, blew them up, beat them up, broke them, liquified them. Cards to keyboard, mice to monitors, you name it, i've broken one in more ways than one. i suppose maybe the reason i DON'T get so frustrated with my computer is that i know how to use it, unlike the turkeys i worked with back at the tech-support office. Also, i was able to take out the "rage" on machines that didn't belong to me, nor any i had any connection (good or bad) with. it was all in good fun, i guess. Now i suppose after clicking "submit", somebody's going to ping me, snatch my iP, trajan-bug my computer and mess with my mouse? THAT would be something worth getting upset about...however, i'd prefer to beat the snot out of some random stranger than my 'baby'. i love my computer too much to hurt her. *hug*

Destroying disks (floppy, cd, dvd, etc) when they go bad is always satisfying, regardless of whether I am frustrated. I spent half an hour tossing cheap CDRs at the wall, entertained with how they explode on impact. I've also destoryed obsolete hard drives, some of them very large (10-inch platters), but the platters are very resilient when tossed. When folded in a vise, some bent, which was fun to see, and some shattered into a thousand razor shards. Cool, but dangerous. I believe destroying old equipment, whether you think you're mad at machines or not, is a helpful activity. It gives you something to look back on when important files are inadvertantly deleted...

I like performing computer torture. When I get a Mac product in my torture chamber, I savour each moment. I use a dremmel for a good deal of my torture techniques, starting with the case. Either cut into the sides, or drill out the screws. Both methods will reveal the yummy guts of your victim. Applying cuts to the I/O cables and the power cables is fun, and tearing out the cards makes me giggle. Sometimes I torture these poor souls with power coursing through them. I like to see what happens as I tear through a drive cable during a defragmentation, or clip a lead on the CPU and watch the fun. For more humour, tearing off the CPU heatsink can be very entertaining. I like to torture computers.

run the ******* over with my truck!

My monitor looks like it has survived a vicious hacking with a flaming machete... Many knife marks, many burn marks. I get bored sometimes.

Game Consoles, especially controllers have suffered a similar fate. Difficult Video Games, and ******** Multiplayer Battles on a very bad day tend to onset the anger. General use of programs such as CAD and crashes when you havent saved or data corruption in the last hours of a deadline really shit me. Worst Offence. I snapped a Gateway Laptop in tiny peices by really smashing it up on the concrete floor, desk and punches till i was satisfied it was destroyed. This happened because of need for speed: porsche challenge and a difficult level that i have passed so many times before but really sucked on that day. Needless to say it was very satisfing but a total waste of money. Worst injury i have received from a breaking rage was breaking a mobile phone in half and the metal plate gouged a 1.25" cut into my palm requiring sitches. Poetic Justice? Maybe but it was severly destroyed after. Cause? Reception kept on cutting out, screen was playing up and i was on an imporant phone call already in a bad mood. I have spent about $3500+ just because of computer rage in the last 10 years.

hit my laptop so hard that it killed the harddrive

I have once attempted an ad-hoc exorcism, out of rage I formatted a hard drive three times back to back, I have rebooted the computer ten times in a row without any intervals between reboots and once I reinstalled the OS - just because I was pissed at the bloody thing.

... I would never damage anything vital on the computer though for the obvious reasons, i.e I would be left with no computer at all from then on and i would have to spend money on buying new parts to replace the broken ones. I would be much more likely to slam the keyboard comapred to the monitor because the keyboard is very cheap (and if you are looking for an excuse to upgrade ;) )

throwing stressball at my screen (didn't help btw)

Sometimes these things are done for fun, rather than out of frustration. Like connecting the stripped leads of a power cord in various locations on a motherboard and plugging it in. When it quits smoking, move the leads to other points on the board and repeat. Or using a hammer to repressurize old crt's. That vacuum isn't safe, you know... :)

I once took apart a 3.5" disk, coated the magnetic media with glue and powdered matchhead material, and glued a matchbox striker-strip to the inside of the plastic case. Then I reassembled the disk, glued it back together, and stuck it in the A: drive. Fire in the hole! Whee!

Took a cattle prod to a case once. Taught a 4 year-old how to effectively destroy a keyboard against concrete. Snapped the tray on an old CD-ROM drive. Mounted dead computer parts to the wall of my old dorm room.

... Also, mostof the behaviours above have been due to a floppy disk or CD-ROM disc not working correctly, as opposed to aggravation. I snap the defective floppy disk/CDROM disc to prevent myself from using it again, thus making sure I throw it away as opposed to keeping it around. I've popped keys form a keyboard to clean them.

... I usually dont break things because I know Im the one that will have to fix itand pay for it. I do get a lot of donated computer equipment. I've been planning to Eliminate some of these items using my Ford 545 tractor. That should be satisfying. I really like your site. I had a friend who was 13 at the time he took a baseball bat to his CPUI dressed him in a flack jacket and hunting rifle and we took his picture.

It's good enough to let the frustation steam out when poisoning computer verbally with hard-medical-terminology, or on latin. That makes you feel a real Human, and pushes out the importance of thet rusty heap of iron. Also, it's very calming to smash the pile of heavy tomes of Great Medical Encyclopaedy upon the keyboard... Though, it survives often. But makes such a specific sounds then!

... I do remember getting so frustrated about 10 years ago when I was using a crapola laptop that my company gave me to finish a project I was working on at home. I was working on something and the computer crashed. I lost what I had been doing and it was late at night. I backhanded the screen and cursed at it and of course, the screen cracked and the computer wouldn't work any longer, sigh. I told the boss it fell off my lap. He was pretty pissed since laptops were very expensive back then and the screen alone cost over $1000 to replace...

I once destroyed an old 5 1/4 inch floppy disk for a game on my old Atari computer by cutting it up with a pair of scissors and throwing it into the trash. I also got very frustrated with my first color printer which I purchased for $300 after reading several glowing reviews in a couple of computer magazines. It was prone to paper feed problems almost from the beginning -- I'd often get an error message saying it was out of paper when the paper tray was in fact full. I'd remove the paper and then put it back in the tray and the printer, with a print job in the queue, would then sometimes resume printing properly but sometimes it would feed through one blank page of paper, printing nothing on it, and then the "Out of Paper" error would pop up again though there was still plenty of paper in the feed tray. Finally, just after the warranty had expired of course, the problem got so bad that the printer was effectively useless. I finally put the printer back in a box and told several friends that one day I was going to take the printer out to the driveway and demolish it with a sledgehammer. But I never actually did it. I still have it tucked away in storage though. Maybe someday I'll actually.... *L* My rage at that printer has long since dissapated but it might serve as a sort of scapegoat for all the other computer frustrations I've experienced! My home computer is on the second floor of my house and, in particularly frustrating moments, I've often fantasized about opening the nearby window and pitching the whole thing out the window to crash on the concrete driveway below.

I put CD's that did not burn properly, i.e. "coasters", into the microwave oven for 10 seconds. The light show is very gratifying.

I clicked my mouse to hard, the button broke.

At one time I ruined an Apple laptop by smashing my fist down on it.

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