Computer Rage: Types of Frustration

The following are partially edited comments by respondents to the Computer Rage Survey of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. © 2005 LAPDP

Deliberate incompatibility of systems, peripherals by manufacturers, i.e. most of my perfectly good printers and scanners will not work with Windows XP.

IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouse infuriates me so much. It never moves.

My monitor keeps on making high pitched noises no matter how many times I get a new one from the damn company!!

I hate not being able to understand things. It makes me feel inferior, computers have a way of doing that sometimes. That's why I feel like smashing my computer with a hammer. (Though I NEVER do it)

I HATE "POP UPS" I think they should be banned, owners sent to jail, and their computer advertisement liscensed burned to a crisps.

I find mouse movement on pc's very annoying. Also, one button mice are annoying. So are mice that jump around or do not work. I have a particular distaste for statistical analysis software. Also graphing programs are annoying. I find Windows very annoying. When the computer does not remember the way I like to look at my windows, that is extremely annoying. I once killed a phone. That's not exactly a computer, but it did have computer parts. I like to microwave CDs.

I get frustrated with the slow speed of some computers.

when i get frustrated with my computer i know i can't destroy is because that would'nt help, so i have come to the point where i break down and cry. but i've learned that the best thing to do is walk away and come back to it later.

I get frustrated and I canÕt stand you

if it werenÕt for the dificulty of sharing programs and files I would have switched to MAC!

computers suck! hateful little things!

ive got frustrated enough to unparition the hard drive without backing anything up. on a spludge right before what i was working on was due.

i get a lot more frustrated by web sites that are slow or down than by my computer

When XP leaves a ghost menu always-on-top of my screen so I have to reboot...Lacking memory, typical, only 30 IE windows possible :(Bill Gates.


**** Microsoft!

How about that after you buy your computer, they are good for 2 years (MAX) before they are obsolete. My computer is a piece of ****, and i just bought it.


I want to jump on the computer that I own. I HATE it!

Sometimes I do hate these f****** machines! Did they have to be invented???


Dear Computer Survey, How annoying is it when my computer crashes on the last question in your survey? V.E.R.Y. ...

Most frustrating computer related items are the newer "computer like" office equipment and home equipment. Computers I can handle, but programmable faxes? copiers? my DVD player? the microwave??? I have taken 4 older/broken/unusable items out back and, to relieve the tension, shot them. Most satisfying.

Most of my frustration has been because of Microsoft Windows.

I don't often get physical when I'm angry, I've slammed my keyboard a few times but haven't caused any permanent damage. Sometimes I feel like I want to scream when something doesn't work but I'd say I'm pretty good at suppressing my anger. My current setup crashes daily which is really frustrating. Sometimes when I restart my computer, my sound drivers screw up and I have to restart again right away, and it takes some time to get the system running again. Usually I just grab a comic or a computer magazine when my computer is starting up.

I really hate that ******* vs.NET 2003 and MS office. OK I hate also allmost all m$ product but Office and vs.NET is something UFFFF"#­"##. I eat medicines so I dont destroy this **** but sometimes I think that I need stronger medicines... MS really blow up users brains! Easy to learn hard to use, hard to learn easy to use. So MS shit is easy to learn and it allways crash etc etc. I'm cool with computers. I only get frustrated when there are others watching or I'm in a hurry. If I have to wait the computer to do something I didn't want it to do I get quite irritated. It took me quite a while to realize that if I get angry with my PC there's really no-one else to blame but me (plus the software designers who too often lack the ability put themselves in position of a new user, however I forgive them, since they are human too.. at least I think they are. And some things just aren't fore-seeable). The number 1 annoyance and the source of pure animalistic rage came from the (self)help systems (built within Windows) not being able to help me, often not even a slightes bit (3-6 years ago, Win 98). Today however I am quite capable of using search engines and haven't really used those motherforgiving 'help' systems in quite a while. And WinXP's help system is way better than on its predecessors.The first (and only) time I broke my mouse while raged was a big lesson to me. In the end the money for a new mouse came from my wallet. I still hate myself doing it. At that moment I was playing a familiat PC game (alone) from which I had years of experience and I made 'newbie' mistake. Nowadays I just mainly curse aloud or hit something else than fragile, modern and expensive equipment (never kick anything though... don't know why). Edit: I am a nordic. We don't wear shoes inside our homes (much like Japanese?) So kicking anything hurts like hell if not done properly.. haha.I tend to get raged pretty easily anyway, it's not just computers. But I can handle my aggression pretty well, at least I think I can (given the times I have controlled my rage vs. the number of outbursts). I'm not a strong guy so physical violence is rarely an option to me (has never been).Recently I worked in an office environment which had computers which operating systems were NOT Windows AND which software hadn't been updated in several years. I went through quite a bit of frustration there even though there were some similarities between Windows and that unnamed operating system. I constantly cursed aloud (some REALLY bad words) and I think my colleague is still scared of me for that. It was a small room which had 2 workstations and the colleague was a female. It must've not been easy for her since she had very limited experience in computers and I've had several years of experience only in Windows', not to mention the added underlying frustration in me since I had to help her out. (*sob* I still miss working with her.. *sniff* haha)And besides.. there actually is stuff I like doing (see answers which I gave 3 points or less). It's always exciting to install new hardware (with your hard earned money) and see it work.Less than 3 hours ago I updated my writing DVD-drive's firmware (and it was successful, thank god). It was the first firmware update I've ever done. I felt quite unique fear prior to it. Normally when upgrading anything (be it hardware/software upgrading) it's 'just' nervousness (in anticipation of possible aggression?) or relief if the upgrade is done due to an annoying bug. If a firmware update goes bad, the equipment for which it's done gets permanently damaged.Uprising annoyance to me are some naming systems which certain large companies (in PC industry) have. What I'm talking about is marketing tactics (hardware naming) which in the end confuse and mislead consumers. It's just totally unacceptable (I hope they burn in hell, at least for a while if not eternally).Also some clickable buttons which are ridiculously small tend to be a little annoying (espacially if you have to move mouse cursor a long distance on the screen).The big lessons learned:1. If it's not broken, don't fix it!2. PCs (or machines) don't make mistakes. People who make or design those things make mistakes.I spent 2 hours writing this so when I click the 'submit' button on the lower left corner of this webpage and if something goes wrong and this doesn't get sent, I will probably kill a motherboard or at least batter something electronic. So put this written piece of mental relief to good use. I have NEVER written anything this much on ANY webpage, be it feedback, forum, email... anything. Safety precaution: CTRL + A --> CTRL + C --> notepad --> CTRL + V.

Email sucks because of spam. WWW sucks because of ie, stupid users not to realize what a virus is, this is what makes me sometimes mad. I have never broke anything, but slammed few times my keyboard hard because of connection problems. I payd for my comp and i dont have money to brake it.


I seriously get angry when computer crashes for no reason or I do a mistake in a game.

22 years of experience with computers has tought me to express frustration and anger in grunts rather than aggressive behavior; The joystick I slammed on the wall at the age of 10 didn't work any better after the incident. ;)Also I've noticed that most of the times users get frustrated at computers, the problem is their own illogical behavior, not the machine. Of course they're blind to see it (due to lack of logic...)

The tasks that people do with computers tend to be pretty difficult themselves (like programming). If the computer itself adds problems to that, I'm not surprised at all if one gets angry. I've gotten frustrated enough at my ink pens that I threw them at a wall, so I guess it's not just pcs.. :)

Sometimes I just ****** hate computers. At least once per day I`d like to buy a shotgun and blast monitor through the wall...

I was probably a lot worse back several years ago -- I was maintaining 3 LANs and a dozen or so standalone workstations all running Win95 or Win98, all being used by people who weren't the most technically savvy (and some who thought they were a lot more savvy than they actually were). Since then, I've moved to a better position, and I've been through treatment for cancer, so I meditate and do yoga, and I'm a much calmer person.

I have a small business in Maryland providing personal computer support to individuals and small businesses. I heard Kent on NPR today (12/20) and would like to add a few notes based on my experience in working with clients:- virtually all our computer frustrations can be summed up in one word: software. The problem is not "the computer" as much as it's the software in the computer. We're victims of bad software design. Commercial software is often poorly designed, buggy, and full of *lots* of dead code (prime example: Microsoft Word). Software vendors compete on price and are left with insufficient resources to retain good system developers and invest in tech support; thus we are charged for questions. (Remember back in the old days when Word Perfect offered toll-free support to everybody?) My own computer rage comes from the perspective of having been a software developer for many years. It's directed at the programmers: why did they make such boneheaded decisions when they wrote this stuff? - the software architecture of Personal Computers today is highly complex. Windows XP is built on a very intricate infrastructure, and it must be able to support all the applications that we throw at it - including those that haven't been written yet; application software becomes more bloated and error-prone as it proceeds through the versions; multimedia support (photo editing, music and video)is now taken for granted; and we now expect computer networking to be a native operating system function. It's supposed to be practically transparent to the user, but the introduction of home networking has resulted in individuals making decisions that ten or fifteen years ago would have been made by professional network administrators.My clients call me when they have a computer problem and I go on-site to help them any way I can. They are almost universally intelligent, hard-working people - many of whom have built their own businesses - but they're honestly puzzled by the vagaries of personal computers. They've usually tried 800-line tech support and have come away frustrated. To my surprise, they often ask *me* to call tech support for them while they listen. They're convinced that I can get better results because I "understand the language better." And often I do. What an indictment of our industry!I don't know what this portends for the future. Maybe we're trying to do too much with our PC's.I also conduct computer classes once a week for senior citizens (under the auspices of a local Community College); this has been another fascinating experience...

To tell the truth, my frustration is not so much with the technology but with the (extremely oobscene and offensive expletive deleted) morons who design the interfaces. Hasn't anyone out there read the "bible" (About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design, Alan Cooper)? Also, my problem is with the morons who try to build better, faster, stronger, without fixing the foundation which causes the whole system to come crashing down (the Amiga OS was designed from the ground up to be small and powerful and had most of the features of Windows XP in only 720K). My IPAQ crashes weekly. My friend has yet to reboot his Palm Pilot in two years os use.

I use computers very often and I consider myself an accomplished computer user. I usually don't experience frustration from a slow computer, considering that I built my own high-end PC. However, sometimes I do get frustrated when Windows crashes (which doesn't happen very much for me).

My frustration isn't so much with computers, but rather with Windows.

My biggest complaint is the poorly written documentation and instructions.

My frustration with computers centers around those too stubborn to learn how to use them.

How about the irritating paperclip popping up every bloody time. You know the answer and still the little piece of **** is trying to help you out, by NOT answering your ******* question. I know you can turn that off, every time that thing pops up, yeah I wanna smash it.

Programmers should be forced to work a single week with the scrap they program!!!

A computer is the best way to release stress. not by working on it with programs and stuff but smasching it with "stuff". when i wrote this text i have maid too many mistakes typing this **** that i almost rammed my keyboard trough my monitor.

My windows 2000 computer would freeze up sometimes when it goes to a web page that has a video or if i try to play a video with windows media player 9. Even the 3 finger salute doesn't work. I end up pounding my fist on the keyboard and cursing at it and then rebooting using the reboot button on the computer. I've since installed real player.

First of all, I am a computer science major. I am quite educated when it comes to computers and I have been using them for many years. Here are the things that really piss me off.1. Hardware failures.2. Lack of integration because of propriatary hardware/software.3. Software bugs...It's not that damn hard to spend a little extra time in testing and debugging. Trust me, I know. I have done it myself and I pride myself on taking the time to DO IT RIGHT!4. Viruses, spyware, trojans, popups, spam, etc. There are many evil people out there that like to steal and cause damage and they piss me off. However, I am equally pissed, if not more so, by companies that do not truthfully disclose the problems and put significant effort into fixing them (Microsoft). I am really pissed by developers that leave security holes because they took a shortcut that made the programming just a bit easier for them (Microsoft again, also see #3).5. Greed. I hate it when companies sell software/hardware for way more than it is worth (Micr...You get the idea). It might be worth more if it didn't crash so often and if it was a little more secure (see #1-4).6. Outsourcing. We have smart people right here in this country that are willing to work hard. Quit giving away what we created just to make more money(see #5). Also, I hate talking to tech people that I can barely understand because of a thick accent. Don't misunderstand this as racism or anything. The people themselves are fine. I just don't want to have to learn a new language just to be able to fix my computer.7. Ignorant tech support people. I hate trying to get support from people that know less than I do (95% of them). They only know a limited amount of things, and when the problem deviates from that, which it almost always does, I end up having to research for hours and hack around until I solve the problem on my own. Even then, sometimes the problem is beyond repair, which only leads to the feeling of hard work with no reward. Oh yeah, also see #6.This is why I am a CS major, I see the incredible potential in computers and I hope to be able to do my part to make things right. This survery was kind of frustrating too. :)

Hitting a key repeatedly because the computer did not respond to my command due to lag during a game.

My rage is limited to all non-Apple hardware and software. As a kid, AOL's busy signals so incensed me that I mightily heaved my mouse into the surface of my desk, promptly robbing it of its clicking ability. Microsoft ANYTHING fills me with a righteous indignation that has yielded CD-R casualties.You forgot to mention in this survey, though, the most evil of all computer hardware: Printers. Printers are the most loathesome digital creatures in recent history. Jamming, uneven images, ugly color, inexpicable fits of sundry uselessness. Many printers in the last decade have earned my wrath and not one of these incompetent contraptions survived once they crossed me. I think the biggest frustration I've ever experienced was over data loss due to a processing/software error.

Your options did not go far enough. How many times have you reinstalled Xp only to get some ******* ERROR AT 99 ******* PERCENT. Micro$oft can go **** a cheetahs ****.

Well the most aggressive behaviours I mentioned were intentional and controlled (me and some friends smashed up an old obsolete system.) I have a degree in Computer Engineering and most of my frustration comes from current hardware not being fast enough or poorly documented software (I know I can do it often I could write the code myself to do it but how the hell do I do it?) and I like to dabble in open source software projects often alpha and less developed which can get frustrating. Also a complete Gentoo stage 1 install takes a good deal of time.

Most frustrations are a result of the id_10_T error..

I've never hit the keyboard, mouse, or monitor hard enough to break it (i can't afford to replace them) but I do slam my hands down on the keyboard or type very hard, slam the mouse down, smack the monitor, and kick the case when I get really frustrated. It usually makes me feel a little better :) Ever since I switched to Linux, I found work to be far less frustrating because the computer actually does what I want it to do. I don't want windows to be 'clever' and try to do stuff on its own.. just do what I want already. What's far more frustrating is trying to do my job with a boss who is rather clueless about how the systems work. He tries to use as much jargon as possible when talking to us, and it is very frustrating because he doesn't know what any of it means. If only he would stop trying to sound like he knows what stuff means, as it wastes time and only confuses the techs. "Don't try to say how you want it built, but say what you want it to do."

I am also frustrated my printers. I don't have nearly as much rage for computers as I do for their inkjet brethren.

Problems where different programs vie for the same resources/shell extentions/etc really wind me up. Opt-Out not Opt-In installers (Real). "New and improved - get better performance if you upgrade" driver software that you have to get 3rd party software to properly uninstall the _existing_ drivers so it doesn't intermittently bluescreen your system to death (Turtle Beach, ATI, Nvidia - I'm talking to you) also rank way up there. SATA drivers on nForce2 motherboards... sometimes I swear I'm gonna quit system integration and join the forestry comission or something...

Most of these things are through the sheer stupidity (i.e. lack of ability to empathize with the user) and carelessness of the programmers, company. OR greed, for wealth, or control. Examples are PowerDVD breaking because of the parental controls; MS Word (the program that has most driven me to homicidal rage) hiding the format codes, well, just because they can and because they're paternalistic, so that attempting to correct a problem with the formatting leads to more problems instead of correcting the formatting; all cases of DRM software/hardware (nothing but company greed and power-hunger); ridiculous configuration files (seen most often on Unix) which maybe a programmer understands, but which take man-weeks (get the pun?) for anyone else to learn; Powerquest breaking their incredibly excellent software into _pieces_, no single piece of which has the whole functionality, so that they have more products to sell (from an ethical standpoint, practically criminal, as far as I'm concerned); all the security concerns (against criminals and malware) are starting to break the functioning of normal programs for normal users just because of the security (and nobody cares about that, either). Help materials are absolutely the worst aspect of computer use. Unix man pages are incredibly cryptic to non-programmers (and maybe to them, too), and never _give examples_ of use (see Tridgell's rsync man page for an exception). MS help files are absolutely without question the worst in the industry. For years I simply didn't look inside them for _anything_ because whatever I would find would be completely useless. Error messages in pop-up boxes are as far as any normal user could judge, _deliberately_ obfuscated so that a reader cannot understand them ("Error: 1734 | OK |" Wtf is _that_ supposed to be??) Open-source volunteers may have some excuse for not providing great help documentation (they're getting better), but for companies, it's inexcusable - they should simply have a writer behind the programmer and write down everything the program does. _Nobody_ seems to user-test...

Ridiculously vague error messagesLong pauses/sluggishness for no apparent/good reason.Noisy fans/vibrations.

The frustration I typically exhibit towards computers is not completely the result of the computers themselves. Often, I have found that trying to properly set up a wireless network can be just as irritating. Windows software and vendor wireless software fight for control of the wireless connection on a regular basis without indicating a problem. (Meanwhile, your wireless connection is constantly dropped and you are forced to manually reconnect over and over again without any idea of why!) This is so frustrating that I have often entertained the thought of throwing the router and wireless card out a window or into a garbage disposal.

What I hate most is the lie that companies portray when advertising computers and software. It's as if the world is a better place because of technology. That is not true at all. Everyone in my office gets really angry at their computers at least 3 times per week. They never show that in the commercials.

Apart from the cursing, none of the behaviours I engaged in were due to frustration - I realize that the vast majority of trouble actually is caused by the software, while the hardware it is running on is working just fine. Damaging hardware would therefore not make much sense, and it would probably just add problems and costs too.

I get very frustrated sometimes but keep my emotions under check. I don't want to lose my data. Also, its not as if I could change the situation so that I wouldn't get frustrated. Any other system/software would probably but me as much.

I generally don't have many problems with computer hardware. It's mostly related to software. With software, I'm most frustrated by Microsoft ****. It's very irritating and cryptic in that it hides information I need to troubleshoot the problems Windows creates. It's really annoying some times.When I use Linux, though, it's been mostly smooth sailing. I've had Linux running for 46 days without any problems I couldn't solve easily, whereas I'm having problems getting a printer to work over the network with Windows XP Professional (Professional is a misnomer in this case). I can't even send plain text to the printer, but I can send text to a different printer on the same XP box. It's very irritating.The behaviors I've engaged in were non-aggressive acts and were performed on old or useless media (in the case of disks, such as AOL CD's) or for cleaning purposes (popping off keyboard keys). I don't damage hardware out of anger, but if Windows were a physical object I'd like to destroy it in the most explosive way I could fathom. That would be fun. :-)

I would consider myself a computer expert, and I still get particularly frustrated when things I know *should* work don't work, especially if I can sense the lazyness of some person involved (whether IT people at work, or IT managers for specifying idiotic combinations of systems, or the people who designed the software or hardware sloppily in the first place). i curse them all on at least a weekly basis. Example is when I log in to Novell's corporate network environment in windows, if your network connection is down, it takes it like 5 full minutes to time out and allow you to log in to the "workstation only"- 5 minutes you angrily sit there knowing that some programmer could have easily had the program check if the network connection was down and immediately tell you that you can't log on. same thing if you try to access a file share on windows 2000 that you can't get to- the entire computer is useless until it realizes you can't get to it.I've never had the balls to destroy any computer equipment worth more than $50 though. If I would, it would be my least favorite piece of hardware, the docking station of the HP 6100 series laptops (somewhat old). i have never seen a worse piece of ****. it has like 6 different states it can be in (as shown by 3 lights that can be green or yellow or off (i mean the freaking laptop is either there or it's not! wtf?) and has a mind of its own. you stick your laptop in and it has to restart, sometimes the docking station itself freezes (the docking station has its very own reboot button for this purpose!). sometimes it doesnt know to turn on the monitor that's hooked up to it, so you have to open the laptop (it only opens a little when docked), reach your hand in as far as it will go, and fish around for the keyboard combination that turns on the monitor. sometimes it just doesnt know the laptop is there. if you leave the computer on for more than a day, it doesnt let the computer talk to the mouse anymore (but the keyboard is still ok, they're both USB). To eject, you have to pray that the laptop and docking station can negotiate the sequence of transitions that the three lights have to make to get the ejection interlock to release. but they knew it was ****** so they put in a mechanical override slider thing in case it doesnt work, which it often doesnt. So you slide the emergency release, which is on backside of the docking station and hard to get to, and then you can use the main ejection lever to get your laptop out. But if you do this, the next time you put the laptop back into the docking station it goes nuts and doesnt know anything and you have to restart both of the laptop and the station. also it's impossible to get at the USB connections on the docking station because theyre way in the back. Basically i hate this thing with a passion. Fortunately (or unfortunately) i inherited a much better system after a co-worker was laid off. It's a little quirky too, when its monitor goes to sleep, you have to turn it on and off and on (exactly 3 presses of the spring-loaded power switch) to get it to go on. Anyway this guy used to sit next to me, he was a cool dude, but sometimes he would curse his computer pretty good too. (he spent all day on pro-engineer 2000, which if you're ever used it, wins the prize for an interface that is as unintuitive to newbies as it is frustrating to expert users who know where everything is but still have to go through like 6-12 menu picks to perform the most basic functionality. not to mention the subtle and evil ways it can irreversibly corrupt your CAD models if you should go back and make changes to your models in the least bit unusual way)wow writing that felt good.


I mostly contain fits of rage, and periodically use a sledge hammer out in the back on peices of equipment that are already broken or totally obselete. I learned that from a potter friend of mine that would keep his messed-up pots around instead of smashing them in a fit. When he'd collected a few dozen, he gathered them up and threw them at a brick wall he'd built just for this activity. I thought it was strange, but then realized how liberating and therapudic controlled release of anger toward tachnology can be.Though, truth be told, a few of the peices awaiting the hammer in the basement worked adequately before I had a 'Bad Day'; and my keyboard sometimes recieves abuse when a computer won't boot."How frustrating is it when a computer won't boot" would be a good 9 for me.

I only really get frustrated when the program/device does not work as advertized.

I didn't bend and mutilate computer disks (floppy and CD-ROM) out of anger, just out of curiosity. I only get frustrated at the computer when I feel that it's some human being who has purposely made it such that it's frustrating. Like purposely not letting me do what I want to do with it. Mostly Microsoft.

I'm the typical nerd, grew up on hole-punch cards from my dads desk before I could read, and by the time I could, I remember learning hex & binary on his HP calculator. However.... the more computers can do, the dumber they get! Argh! Ack! GRRRR! The wetware-invented simplifications are the worst, the goal-oriented, wizard-led sandbox that abstracts and reduces anything and everything 'functional' to the meagre complexity of a common door-bell: One button. Push it. You know you want to. Ok, you have only one choice, but - come on - push it. Click. OK, you've pushed it - are you sure about this?CLICK.Thank you, here's what I've got: You've confirmed your desire to do something, so .. .just letting you now. Press this *new* button to actually proceed. !@#%!@%!@%!$@ click. click. click.Man... this lunacy is inefficient at best and downright counter-productive at worst. Sure, it lowers the learning curve all right, but also makes it nearly flat - constraining you to actions that take 2 minutes or less to figure out. Anything more, well, you'll just have to wait for the next version with more wizard-exposed featuers OR drop into the *completely* undocumented abyss. That's actually the worst offense: Providing 3 million indexed keywords in online documentation that explain how click and select items in a GUI (the whole point being that it is intuitive). Impressive effort, yes. Truly useful, no. Nothing is ever explained in terms of function, only in terms of results. It's like instructions for achieving 5 results (cutting string, paper, cloth, flowers and hair) using something that *might* be a pair of scissors, but you don't know for sure - it could be a knife! can I get the specs? Oh no, you have to sign an NDA to get that information, or you could try using the tool on 3000 substances and draw your own conclusions...

Most of the damage I infliced on my computer was from trying to write Java. Later I learned that C++ is far more annoying and to show some restraint dealing with them.

I am a computer "expert". I know it's not the computer's fault. I'm mostly mad at the designers. Damaging the tool means I can't work. So I curse at the companies who make shoddy products instead. I killed the discs so that other people wouldn't get them not because the !@#$% software wouldn't install. Or because I was mad at AOL for sending them to me.

I slam my fists down enough on my two computers that I've learned to buy the extended warranty on the keyboard so I can get a new one for free. I go through around 8 keyboards a year.Also, on my laptop, I've learned to backup all of my information regularly because the hard drive is directly where I slam my right hand down on it. I've gone through 3 hard drives since getting it last July.I only get really angry when having to wait or when they crash. I'm a systems analyst so those are the only things that annoy me.....other people's mistakes.

What I hate most about computers, especially older systems is incompatibility. Proprietary designs that major corporations such as Compaq and Gateway bother me the most, although other incompatibility issues come in a close second. Proprietary systems usually get to become the object of computer golf or croquet. The only other major computer issue that bothers me is Windows 9x/Me. And spyware. online (especially) or regular games are where most of my computer rage comes from...lag-related or otherwise lame deaths = much anger


Game Consoles, especially controllers have suffered a similar fate.Difficult Video Games, and Bullshit Multiplayer Battles on a very bad day tend to onset the anger. General use of programs such as CAD and crashes when you havent saved or data corruption in the last hours of a deadline really shit me.Worst Offence. I snapped a Gateway Laptop in tiny peices by really smashing it up on the concrete floor, desk and punches till i was satisfied it was destroyed. This happened because of need for speed: porsche challenge and a difficult level that i have passed so many times before but really sucked on that day. Needless to say it was very satisfing but a total waste of money.Worst injury i have received from a breaking rage was breaking a mobile phone in half and the metal plate gouged a 1.25" cut into my palm requiring sitches. Poetic Justice? Maybe but it was severly destroyed after. Cause? Reception kept on cutting out, screen was playing up and i was on an imporant phone call already in a bad mood.I have spent about $3500+ just because of computer rage in the last 10 years.

it is very frustrating to get 'You can not/not allowed to do smg', while i am sitting in front of my own PC with administrator rights.

As a computer technician, I certainly know how much of a damn pain these machines can be. Sigh... back in the days of 386's, things were so much easier...



The most annoying thing to me is my poorly PC educated coworkers who constantly install 'Internet Smileys' or 'BargainBuddy' and then vehemently deny that they installed said programs. Even after I prove to them they did it. It takes (#$%^& hours to get that sh1t off a PC!

Usually happens when I'm playing games.. having the time of my life and suddenly the processor overheats again and shuts down.. ooohhh that just gets on my nerves.I would never damage anything vital on the computer though for the obvious reasons, i.e I would be left with no computer at all from then on and i would have to spend money on buying new parts to replace the broken ones. I would be much more likely to slam the keyboard comapred to the monitor because the keyboard is very cheap (and if you are looking for an excuse to upgrade ;) )

I mainly get frustrated when the computer does not prioritise it work loads properly.

I have my 4th and newest computer running WIN XP...It has not worked correctly since the day I bought it. Dell and Microsoft have been no help and the 3-4 technician that repaired it don't know what is wrong with it.If Microsoft has more money than God and they want to know how to spend it, how about fixing all of the computers around the world that run their programs and freeze up, crash or give the "blue screen of death." The Dell laptop that I bought last year is the last Microsoft supported computer I will buy. I-MAC is the next computer I'm buying and Michael and Bill can kiss my a--!

When there are so many viruses that you can't do more than one operation a time without completely jamming the computer and causing a crash.

It is very situation dependent. It is almost always when I have to repeatedly perform a task that I get annoyed rather then when it doens't work the first time. If it has taken an hour to get something simple to work is when I get mad.

Any software with Micro$oft -label on them are frustrating. Especially if you are an experienced user. Every time when I try to use M$ products (especially Office-tools) I get very angry. Linux rules...

i find computers in general very frustrating because they are not like a motor in a car. you cant just grab a wrench, pull a couple of bolts, replace a gasket, and put it all back together and have it work fine. If don't already know a large amount about pc's then you really can't dabble with their innards at all. it just makes me feel better when i smash a portion of it because i feel like i beat it up and taught it whos the boss around here!!

Why can't computers just work?

I would like to visit Reno or Las Vegas and shoot at a computer with a machine gun one day, especially a PC-type running Windows.

Most of my frustration comes from the end user that I have to deal with -- not from the computer itself.

im an aol user and i hate how hard computers are too use

more than the computer itself is the frustration of ******** that work as computer techs at isp,s that don,t know as much as i do and i,m not even a certified tech,and also the frustration of internet connection problems and the inept idiots that take days or weeks to fix the problem only to have it reoccuer several times.and then theres all that software that,s suppost to make your system run more efficient only to have it delete an important registry file and cause you to reformat the hard drive.and then calling tech support and having microsoft tell you it costs 278 dollars an hour because your running sever 2003,when support for xp is 30 something and it,s basically the same os and your friend ends up fixing the problem for nothing in probably less time than microsoft would have done it.last but not least is calling tech support and spending an hour or more on the phone with somebody in india that can barely speak english and probably has an eighth grade education,or worse yet finding out that tech support for sbc dsl is often done by people in prison[probably for computer crimes]and having to give them your e-mail password when your having e-mail access problems.even with all these problems i enjoy and use my computer so often it would be hard to live without it.

As stated in my "occupation" field, I'm a tech. I don't think I'll score high on your list, as I know how to avoid many of the things that people are obviously most frustrated by. If my computer crashes, I'm not usually upset with the computer, it only does what it's told. Usually I wonder what I did to cause the problem. 99% of the time I can figure it out. It's almost always human error (although not always my error). My frustrations come out most often when problems can't be fixed because someone else dropped the ball (drivers with issues, buggy software that never gets patched, patches that break what they were supposed to fix, etc).I will admit though that my tech friends swear I'm cursed when it comes to hardware. They ask me for help when they have software problems, but just touching a piece of hardware will often render it useless. Guess I should have picked a different career...

I've only really been upset with PCs. Although I do get very irritated at the limitedness of the Apple Mac. I also hate the look and feel of most computer systems. I don't like some of the fans either, people who claim they are gurus and spit in your face when you want help. So annoying.

Being someone with degree in Computer Science, I don't get too angry with computers. After all, it isn't the computers fault, it's the hardware/software designers who should be shot!I HAVE been frustrated with programs that are obtuse, poorly designed and make me work harder at getting solutions that I should have to.I do remember getting so frustrated about 10 years ago when I was using a crapola laptop that my company gave me to finish a project I was working on at home. I was working on something and the computer crashed. I lost what I had been doing and it was late at night. I backhanded the screen and cursed at it and of course, the screen cracked and the computer wouldn't work any longer, sigh. I told the boss it fell off my lap. He was pretty pissed since laptops were very expensive back then and the screen alone cost over $1000 to replace.I get most frustrated when I have to rebuild Windows OS. If you do this from scratch, every single application has to be reinstalled and all your settings have to be recustomized. SHEESE! What a pain in the ass! For this alone, I would like to string Bill Gates up. Just consider all the work that has to be done to reinstall the OS: 1. Save any user data on the C: drive that you may need.2. Reinstall the OS to C:3. Install necessary drivers like mouse driver, I/O card, hard drive, video driver, etc. 4. Apply the major service packs to the OS and IE.5. Install your firewall and AV software6. Configure net access7. Go online and locate and apply all OS security fixes8. Install major software like Office, Quicken, Symantec, Adobe Reader, etc. 9. Reinstall SP's on Office. Reinstall Office security fixes. 10. Install minor application software (shareware and freeware). I have about 250 programs to run through. 11. Reconfigure parameters, customizations, preferences, options, registrations, etc. on EACH program individually. 12. Customize desktop, toolbars, appearances, cursors, sounds, etc. 13. Reapply any tweaks X-setup, tweakui, etc.).This process usually takes about 2 weeks to get everything reinstalled, reconfigured and back to normal. Many reboots are required (and it is generally necessary to rebuild Windows systems every year or so).Last time I visited my sisters, I spent 2 days cleaning up the spyware and viruses on each of their PC's. I can sympathize with and understand how ordinary non-tech users feel! If I'm an expert who understands computer architecture and I get frustrated, I can see ordinary people really going off the deep end. At this stage of development, computers and software are simply not designed for use by ordinary people!

I am more frustrated by the stupid things that people do with or to their machines and then have to listen to them complain about it later. There are a LOT of stupid people out there who have NO BUSINESS being around these things. Since most people don't have the sense to read a manual that comes FREE OF CHARGE with just about anything you could name, its amazing that people complain as much as they do about their machinery.

I once destroyed an old 5 1/4 inch floppy disk for a game on my old Atari computer by cutting it up with a pair of scissors and throwing it into the trash.I also got very frustrated with my first color printer which I purchased for $300 after reading several glowing reviews in a couple of computer magazines. It was prone to paper feed problems almost from the beginning -- I'd often get an error message saying it was out of paper when the paper tray was in fact full. I'd remove the paper and then put it back in the tray and the printer, with a print job in the queue, would then sometimes resume printing properly but sometimes it would feed through one blank page of paper, printing nothing on it, and then the "Out of Paper" error would pop up again though there was still plenty of paper in the feed tray. Finally, just after the warranty had expired of course, the problem got so bad that the printer was effectively useless.I finally put the printer back in a box and told several friends that one day I was going to take the printer out to the driveway and demolish it with a sledgehammer. But I never actually did it. I still have it tucked away in storage though. Maybe someday I'll actually.... *L* My rage at that printer has long since dissapated but it might serve as a sort of scapegoat for all the other computer frustrations I've experienced!My home computer is on the second floor of my house and, in particularly frustrating moments, I've often fantasized about opening the nearby window and pitching the whole thing out the window to crash on the concrete driveway below.

My primary computer frustrations are of three categories: using bad software that I can't fix, not knowing how to solve problems I am encountering (hardware or software), and dealing with problems other people create by ignorant use.

I am frustrated with your instructions about going to this URL to find a lot of other information that was not advertised and not playing the ******* video because it was not even listed as an option. Finally, selecting one of the selections and finding you needed a plug-in but don't give the name of the plug-in to search for sending the user into a never ending search for something which is not given or listed. No wonder people get frustrated and have rage. It from idiot web sites like this one.

I am less frustrated with computers than I am with the idiotic users who don't want to take the time to learn how to do things. I have found that the same people who don't want to learn how to do something on a computer do not wish to learn how to do something when it comes to non-computer activities.

I'm also very frustrated by people's frustrations with computers. Marketing and other petty business practices take precedence over engineering, and it ends up hurting us all.

If it weren't for my mom and all the money that she worked hard for to pay for this computer, I would have thrown every bit of the equipment out of the window. The older my computer gets the more I hate it...

Needing to restart computers is very frustrating and ultimately time-consuming because it involves not only restarting, but also catching up on lost work.

I am generally more frustrated by the people who make computers difficult to use, not by the computer itself.

Being an IT professional only exposes one to even more computer frustration. My dream is of visiting computer hardware designers and kicking them hard, while wearing steel capped boots. Just stay away from opening that CPU case. Just getting it open & closed, memory sockets under power supplies, impossible cabling, sharp edges, chips that pop from sockets, weird screw locations etc. And don't get me started on laptops...

i am usually pretty patient with my computer problems, but a few months ago when my internet didn't work, i was constantly yelling at and hitting my computer. it is terrible to be a college student without internet access on your computer. i have never been so angry at a machine in my entire life (except maybe when i was mad at my car for breaking down in the middle of a parking lot and ruining my entire schedule...)

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