Computer Rage: Comments on Apple Macintosh

The following are partially edited comments by respondents to the Computer Rage Survey of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. © 2005 LAPDP

The simpler the computer the better, I miss my old Apple with the floppy disk that I had when I was little.

Windows is piece of _____ if it werenŐt for the dificulty of sharing programs and files I would have switched to MAC!

Thank God that i am allowed to use MacOSThe only thing that makes me furstrated are the ******* bloody Microsoft Programs.Excel and PowerPoint are driving me nuts! ********* Software! But my Clients force me to use that ********! I used to work with a mac for almost sixteen years! I know that it is possible tobuild software that works!

I guess I'm privilegued insofar as I'm not that frustrated as many of the computer folks I know because I use a Mac it is hard to belive ,that people do such things to their pc«s ! i use a apple computer and i never even thought about those actions !!

I use a Macintosh. The few times I used a PC, frustration averaged at least 1 point higher.

Please take into account that I am using Apple Macintosh computers since they appered on the market. Starting with Apple II and better yet after they came out with the first Mac in 1984.In my company there is only 1 (one) Windows system. It is used only rarely for special purposes (i.e. software which doesn't exist for Apple OS). Well, we never slammed mouse or keyboard of this Windows computer, but we hate to work on that Microsoft computer!!You should ask in your survey, with which computer system people are frustrated. I bet you won't find many Apple users frustrated with their computers. I'm much less frustrated when I'm on my home Macs versus my work PCs.

After years of consulting and teaching computer science I've learned that MACINTOSH is almost completely trouble free! My consulting charges for Windows are $125/hour; but for Macs they are only $45/hour!

I get a lot more frustrated with Windows PCs than I do Macintoshes (natch). A lot of it comes down to the haughty, condescending tone of most Windows error messages "Something is wrong! It must be your fault, for I am without fault! Fix it!" or the now-you're-an-idiot/now-you're-a-genius schizophrenia routine eg a message that says:"Troubleshooting your scanner: Have you turned it on? Is it connected to the computer?"followed by:"BDOS error on B: at sector 0xFF314A9F interrupt vector 0xFE - the sector could not be "read" - Patch, Kluge, Abort or OK?"

Apple saves sanity.(put that on a t-shirt)

I use a Mac and it's much less frustrating :)

I used to get very frustrated with my old Windows PC laptop from Alienware it would crash all the time and usually when i was pushing the system pretty hard doing audio processing. Then I switched to an Apple Powerbook G4, and my computing experience has been much better. There are still some problems but its largely because I do something that makes it break and know its bad, but I do not get too frustrated because 1. i know how to fix it and 2. I know its my fault in the end. I own a laptop, and so it would be very easy for me to destroy it in a fit of anger. I have had to work on my rage. Most of my real acts of rage have been against my work winboxes, rather than my home mac laptops. I have done more damage previous to last year than in the last year. However, I still become enraged at my machine frequently, I just have better means of handling the issue now. While I have popped keys off of my keyboard, that has been to prevent OOPSCAPSLOCK and other problems of that type, rather than as an angry fit against the keyboard itself.

My rage is limited to all non-Apple hardware and software. As a kid, AOL's busy signals so incensed me that I mightily heaved my mouse into the surface of my desk, promptly robbing it of its clicking ability. Microsoft ANYTHING fills me with a righteous indignation that has yielded CD-R casualties...

I mostly use a Mac, but I usually do get frustrated on PC's.

I run a Macintosh, and with that the irritation factor is very minimal. I also work at a computer help desk, so my frustration with certain programs (Eudora being the most) on especaially Windows machines is very high. I however am a computer science student so understand why certain things go wrong, and instead get frustrated with the respective companies and programmers who were just too damn lazy to release a stable project.

My violence only exists against Windows computers. Any good responses are to do with my Mac, all bad are to do with my school/friends Peecees

I've made a movie smashing a Mac Classic. I drew a little face on it.I'm very computer savvy and it annoys me when a computer does strange things without provocation or without any logical solution.

I rarely swear at the computer. My insults are usually directed at the OS manufacturer. Something to the effect of, "Apple sucks."

I like performing computer torture. When I get a Mac product in my torture chamber, I savour each moment.I use a dremmel for a good deal of my torture techniques, starting with the case. Either cut into the sides, or drill out the screws. Both methods will reveal the yummy guts of your victim. Applying cuts to the I/O cables and the power cables is fun, and tearing out the cards makes me giggle.Sometimes I torture these poor souls with power coursing through them. I like to see what happens as I tear through a drive cable during a defragmentation, or clip a lead on the CPU and watch the fun. For more humour, tearing off the CPU heatsink can be very entertaining.I like to torture computers.

I love macs, but i only have a stupid slow pc

I have my 4th and newest computer running WIN XP...It has not worked correctly since the day I bought it. Dell and Microsoft have been no help and the 3-4 technician that repaired it don't know what is wrong with it.If Microsoft has more money than God and they want to know how to spend it, how about fixing all of the computers around the world that run their programs and freeze up, crash or give the "blue screen of death." The Dell laptop that I bought last year is the last Microsoft supported computer I will buy. I-MAC is the next computer I'm buying and Michael and Bill can kiss my a--!

Since I use a Mac 99% of the time and have never set up a windows machine and only occasionally use windows, I really have an all-together pleasant computer experience. ALL of my abuse of a computer has been directed at the windows machines I am sometimes forced to use at work...

I've only really been upset with PCs. Although I do get very irritated at the limitedness of the Apple Mac. I also hate the look and feel of most computer systems. I don't like some of the fans either, people who claim they are gurus and spit in your face when you want help. So annoying.

Most of my frustrations only exist at work, because they still use Windows. Personally, changing to Linux has greatly reduced alot of my frustrations, other than still have to rely on Windows for some tasks. I think I would enjoy a good Mac (now that OS X is based on BSD) if I could afford it.

I drive a Macintosh. On the whole, I observe that Mac users display fewer aggressive tendencies toward their computers. I'm not sure if this is cause or effect.... are Macs less frustrating or are Mac users just calmer, saner people? If people truly are treating their computers many of the ways listed under Section 3, I am just glad they are on a computer rather than a highway or a day care.

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