Key Modification Procedures

The keyboard is often the center of frustration because of times the computer wont allow you to type with it, and also because it is the main connection between the human and the computer. Key modification is a good, fairly low impact way, to teach your computer "Who's the Boss". The best way to do this is using the following tools:

1. A Large Mallet
2. A flat head screwdriver, or perhaps even a chisel

First, take the screwdriver and plant it firmly in the crevice under the key to be removed. Then, using the mallet strike the keyboard hard enough to pop the key into the air without cutting all the way throught the keyboard. Pick up the key, and modify it in whatever way you want. Some good ideas are carving it, painting it, glueing other items to it, or just crushing it into dust. After the modification you can re-attach it to the computer in whatever way you desire, we recommend hitting it back onto the keyboard with the afore-mentioned mallet.

Click on the image for a demonstration in Quicktime (3.9 meg).