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Past Events:
June 2-3, 2005, Tutorial and Presentation at HCIL Symposium and Open House.

In the News:
April 18, 2005, Article in San Francisco Chronicle:
"Computer glitches spawn new industry: Geeks find steady supply of vexed users who need house calls"(PDF 64KB)

April 6, 2005, Interviewed by Mike Goldfein (Belo Capitol Bureau):
"Computer Rage"(MOV 4.3MB)

March 30, 2005, Article in MSNBC.com:
"Drop the mouse and step away from the PC: Frustrated consumers make things worse after computer crash"(PDF 76KB)

February 22, 2005, Article in The Washington Times:
"Fist-clenching anger: Releasing the steam without boiling over" (PDF 2.2MB)

January 4, 2005, Article in San Angelo Standard-Times:
"Computer rage on the rise" (PDF 52KB)

January 4, 2005, Kent Norman was interviewed by W*USA Channel 9 News Reporter Bruce Leshan:
"Report on Computer Rage" (MOV 4.1MB)

December 28, 2004, Article in the Baltimore Sun:
"High-tech gifts elevate post-holiday stress" (PDF 460KB)

December 27, 2004, Kent Norman was a guest on the W*USA Channel 9 News at 9am with Reporter Audrey Barnes:
"Report on Computer Rage"

December 24, 2004, SlashDot.com (News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters) Posting:
"Rage Against the Machines" (Link)

December 24, 2004, Article in Technology Review by Michelle Delio:
"Rage Against the Machines"(PDF 384KB)

December 21, 2004, Kent Norman was the guest on the Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU, 88.5 FM) Tech Tuesday:
"Technology Frustrations" (Link)

December 13, 2004, Jim Gordon of MPR interviews Kent Norman on Future Tense:
"Venting your rage against computers" (Link)

December 10, 2004, University of Maryland, Media Relations press release:
Computer Rage - "How Not To Destroy Your New High-Tech Gifts" (Link)

September 15, 2004, The Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes press release:
Computer Rage II on DVD (Link)

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