Computer Rage Presentations by Kent Norman

Keynote Address: A lively, multimedia presentation on the phenomena of computer rage, covering the current range and frequency of destruction, the fascination by the broadcast media, the factors of frustration, a profile of the enraged user, methods of avoiding and/or venting computer rage, and a message to the computer industry from the users.

Length: 50 - 90 minutes
Audience: Members of professional and technical societies

Seminar/Workshop: A half-day, in-depth presentation on the background of computer rage, current data on the incidence of computer abuse and reasons for user frustration, a predictive theory and model of computer rage behavior, good practices for avoiding computer rage, and practical therapies for stress reduction and safe methods of venting frustration. Participants will learn to identify rage-at-risk users and situations and practice intervention techniques.

Length: 3 - 4 hours
Audience: Managers, IT professionals, tech support, and computer programmers

Industry Briefing: An informative briefing on the current state of computer rage and levels of frustration with a range of IT issues, practical methods of addressing the problem, and a discussion of business opportunities in the response to user frustration.

Length: 1 - 3 hours
Audience: Leaders in the computer software, manufacturing, and IT companies.

Informational Talk: A quick heads up for the public about computer rage: what it is, why it is happening, who's doing it, why it is a big problem, how to avoid it, and what to do if it happens to you.

Length: 20-50 minutes
Audience: General public, computer user groups, clubs

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