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Search and Seizure:
Need for Closure when Searching for Information

The need for closure is a desire for definite knowledge on some issue (Kruglanski & Webster, 1996). This need stems from people's tendencies to to attain closure as soon as possible (Urgency Tendency or Seizing Effect) and to mantain this closure for as long as possible (Permanence Tendency or Freezing Effect).

Research has shown a seizing effect during memory retrieval. We want to investigate whether this effect is also found during information search.

A study is proposed to provide answers for these questions. The research will provide initial knowledge on whether this type of indvidual differences affects information search. Further projects will examine different conditions that could affect this urgency tendency. These results can provide designers with guidelines when developing interfaces.

A. Walkyria Rivadeneira, Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology
J. Isaiah Harbison, Ph.D., Department of Psychology
Michael Dougherty, Ph.D., Department of Psychology
Kent L. Norman, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

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