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Cornell University
University of Maryland

University of Illinois
University of Michigan

Web Survey Methodology
Virtual Surveys Limited
Association for Survey Computing


Cornell University

Instructive site on survey methodology and research principles.

University of Maryland: Theories in Computer Human Interaction

This web site provides a comprehensive guide, examples and references in relation to Theories in Computer Human Interaction (TiCHI).

University of Illinois, Chicago: Survey Research Laboratory

SRL has been involved in survey design and methodology for since 1964.
The SRL provides survey research services to a wide range of individuals and organizations. Their website includes many survey research papers and links to other resources. The SRL also conducts seminars and holds and annual conference. Their is also a Question Design Lab (QDL) which focuses on "cognitive assessment" of questionnaires such as cognitive processing of survey questions by culturally diverse respondents.

University of Michigan: Survey Research Center

The Survey Research Center produces social science research involving the collection or analysis of data from scientific sample surveys.
The Survey Research Center is additionally involved with the development, refinement, and propagation of the scientific method of survey research through teaching and training.



Web Survey Methodology

The aim of this site is to link the relevant information related to Web survey methodology. The idea was first discussed in a session on Web surveys at the annual AAPOR meeting in 1998. You can find conferences, tutorials, workshops, discussions, researchers, companies, and a bibliography. [Top]

Virtual Surveys Limited

Virtual Surveys Limited is the Europe's first research agency to specialize in Website and Internet research with experience in conducting surveys in multiple languages. This website includes a set of quiz on website design dos and don'ts and papers that the company published or made presentation for. [Top]

Association for Survey Computing

The Association for Survey Computing is a non-profit organization, affiliated to the British Computer Society and the International Association for Statistical Computing. Formerly the Study Group on Computers in
Survey Analysis , the ASC was formed in 1971 in order to improve knowledge of good practice in survey computing and to disseminate information on techniquesand survey software. Their website includes a very useful "Software Register" listing nearly 200 software packages for designing, implementing, and/or analyzing results of web surveys. [Top]