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This site provides design guidelines and principles for Web-based survey instruments based on a Human-Computer Interaction approach. It is hoped to give the Web survey practitioners, especially the beginners, practical design guidelines and an opportunity to view Web surveys as a multidisciplinary field.

By Web-based surveys, we mean surveys that are displayed on the World Wide Web (WWW) via a standard format.

The "questionnaire design" in this site is only for Web-based surveys and explicitly deals with design features of the Website, such as colors, sound effects, video clips, screen layouts, navigational issues, etc., due to the special nature of Web-based surveys. Thus, the traditional components of questionnaire design, such as wording and ordering, are out of the scope of this project.

For those who are familiar with the survey error framework, it should be noted that this site is dedicated to reducing the Measurement and Nonresponse error arising from survey instruments. Coverage and Sampling errors and Measurement and Nonresponse error arising from other sources are not discussed.

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